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Business Park Security

Security camera for your business park? Delivered on location in no time! Request a quotation now or call +31 (0) 512 544 145.

Temporary security camera for your business park
Like construction sites, business parks are often located in remote and sheltered places without security and monitoring. Your company storage is kept there in the form of a modern business park with machines or goods. Thieves see this as an opportunity to steal copper, fuel or other valuable materials. This can cause frustration, as well as extra costs and a lot of hassle. And you obviously want to avoid that! Fortunately, Kooi Security has innovative security cameras to unburden you of these problems. 

24/7 CCTV surveillance at business parks
The mobile security cameras can actively monitor your industrial park to prevent vandalism, unwanted persons and other calamities. Our operators handle all the required reports in our own PAC-certified control room. In most cases, the unwanted persons will leave the business park after we have initiated appropriate actions. If follow-up action is required, we will arrange this for you free of charge.

Relevant products
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UFO Mini

A compact and mobile camera system for medium-sized (construction) sites.

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UFO Medium

For large and complex (construction) sites, the best choice for burglary protection and surveillance.

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Solar Power Unit

An economical, 100% green and environmentally friendly solution for the required power supply at every conceivable location.


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Powerful power supply and energy based on diesel and in a soundproof housing. Suitable for every conceivable location.


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