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Construction and Utility

Theft and vandalism, burglary, unwanted persons and other calamities cause millions of Euros of damage on construction sites every year. In addition to material damage, the progress of a construction project or production process could be suspended temporarily, or a completion date missed. This costs an unnecessary amount of time and money. A good reason to properly secure your construction site with cctv security cameras. After all, prevention is better than cure. Professional construction security cameras from Kooi Security is the efficient solution in the fight against theft and vandalism on the construction site.


Construction Site Security

Prevent theft and vandalism on your construction site with temporary security cameras.

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Business Park Security

Mobile security cameras for optimum protection of your business park



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Road Plate Security

Prevent loss of your road plates with mobile security cameras, 24/7 surveillance.

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Site Hut Security

Prevent damage to your site hut with temporary security cameras

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