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Construction Site Security

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Prevent theft and vandalism on your construction site
Theft and vandalism, burglary, unwanted persons and other calamities cause millions of Euros in construction damage every year. This includes material damage, such as stolen building materials, stolen machines and empty fuel tanks. In the worst case scenario, materials or machines may be damaged or even destroyed. In addition to material damage, the actual progress of the construction project is also at stake. For example, the production process may be temporarily stopped, or failure to meet an important delivery date could result in a lot of hassle. Moreover, it could cost an unnecessary amount of money.

Secure your construction site with security cameras 
You can prevent a lot of problems by properly security for your construction site, and therefore also your valuable materials. Kooi Security offers innovative mobile security cameras that are customised to perfectly match your situation. Our advanced security cameras often include fixed and wireless detectors. This makes camera surveillance and intrusion prevention on large and complex sites easier than ever. With the support of our alarm centre, Kooi Security offers construction site security without the need for a physical security guard on your construction site.

Temporary camera surveillance with battery
Do you need a surveillance camera on your construction site in a remote location, where no power or data connection is available? Our surveillance cameras can be set up self-sufficiently (Powerbox) to ensure security at all possible types of locations.

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