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Fuel Protection

Prevention for fuel theft? Mobile security cameras are delivered on location in no time. Request a quotation now or call +31 (0)512 544 145.

Fuel theft prevention with security cameras
Fuel prices are constantly on the rise these days. It is therefore an interesting proposition for thieves to take a look at the machinery in business parks, industrial sites and remote construction sites with the aim of committing fuel theft. Fuel is removed from the fuel pump or fuel tank in devious manners. This results in a lot of unnecessary costs, delays in the construction project, and misery and frustration for the contractors on the construction site. Fuel protection and security is therefore a must in today’s economic climate.

24/7 Security and surveillance against fuel theft
Our mobile security cameras constantly monitor the construction site and building materials to keep fuel thieves at bay. Our PAC-certified control room has 24/7 central operators at the computer to check all forms of unwanted interaction. In the case of fuel theft, our control room will follow a protocol in which the person concerned is requested to leave the construction site. The practice has shown us that being seen by a security camera is often enough to deter attempted fuel theft.

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