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Fire Detection

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Prevent the risk of fire with a fire detection camera
Waste is sorted, crushed, incinerated or composted in the waste and recycling industry, and the risk of fire is considerable. As an operator in this sector, you therefore need early detection signals to prevent a major fire. We have therefore developed an innovative fire detection camerasystem especially for this industry: UFO Red.

Thermometric camera for constant temperature measurement
The UFO Red uses a rotatable thermometric camera, also known as a thermal imaging camera, to constantly detect the temperature in a (waste) storage site. When the measured temperature exceeds the set alarm threshold, our PAC-certified control room receives a message. We then initiate action in accordance with a protocol that is drawn up in consultation with you.

Fire and heat detection cctv camera
The UFO Red fire detection camera system is therefore extremely suitable for monitoring the temperature of large batches of heat and fire sensitive products. The mobile fire and heat detection camera can be used indoors and outdoors. 


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UFO Red Fire detection

With a thermometric camera, the RED (Rising Early Detection) monitors large batches of hotbeds and fire-sensitive (waste) products.

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