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Kooi Alarm Centre

Connected to the Kooi communications room 24/7

Kooi Alarm Centre

The Kooi Alarm Centre is the 24/7 communications room with a friendly, personal and client-oriented service. We are located in the former Nederlandsche Bank building in Drachten. The building is provided with bulletproof glass, reinforced concrete walls, anti-ram raid provisions, high-tech camera supervision and access control, in short: the perfect location for a professional communications room. It has an ultramodern surveillance system and is prepared for any emergency, along with camera supervision with back-up emergency facilities.

24/7 surveillance
Our alarm centre analyses and deals with all alarms from connected camera systems. The proper combination of human and technology ensures 24/7 surveillance of your construction site, location or (technical) system if required. All connections are continuously and actively monitored.

According to protocol
After detecting unauthorised persons or trespassers, a detailed analysis is immediately compiled and suitable action is taken based on this, which varies from activating the siren to directing security or the police; all adequately and according to protocol. Following each incident, you will receive a report of our analysis and the actions carried out, supplemented with clear visual material from  the surveillance cameras.     

Our communications room is MARC-certified according to the European EN 50518 standard.  

Kooi Alarm Centre provides 24/7 surveillance of your construction site, location or (technical) system.


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