The UFO Roadshow is back!

Publication date: Friday 7 February 2020

What is the best way to protect my site? How can a UFO help? We are happy to answer all your questions about camera surveillance and security systems during our UFO Roadshow "Kooi On Tour".

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What is the UFO Roadshow?
In February, March and April, our colleagues from the international sales team in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark and the UK will set off with our mobile camera units to demonstrate them live for free. You are immediately introduced to the diversity and quality of our options for mobile camera surveillance.

Which campaign is related to the UFO Roadshow?
If you rent one or more UFOs between February 3rd and April 30th, we do not charge transport costs (outward) and no installation costs on site. In addition, we do not charge extra costs for alarm follow-up by the police (if necessary). See the terms and conditions, at the bottom of the page.

When is there a UFO Roadshow somewhere near me?
We are happy to visit you! Curious about our options or do you want to schedule a date? Feel free to contact us at or by phone +44 1204 819 349.

Terms and conditions

  • The campaign is only valid for the period from February 3rd till April 30th 2020
  • The date of registration determines whether you are eligible for the campagin or not
  • The campaign is only valid on the UFO Prime
  • The campaign is only valid within Europe
  • The campaign is valid while supplies last
  • This campaign is not valid in combination with other campaigns
  • Applications for a UFO Prime must be indicated at least 5 working days in advance
  • Free transport (outward) and installation costs on location
  • Project duration in accordance with Kooi Security
  • The general terms and conditions apply to all our products

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