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If no power supply is available at your location and circumstances do not allow the provision of energy using our Solar Power Unit, the Powerbox by Kooi Security can provide a solution.

If you have no on-site power supply, but the UFO Mini, Light Plus or Light is an excellent solution for the security of your site, you can connect a Powerbox to the system to allow it to function independently of mains current.

The Powerbox is a strong power supply based on diesel and has a sound-proof housing. A cable (of any length) connects the Powerbox and the system chosen for camera surveillance.


  • Specially for the power supply of the UFO Light, Light Plus and Mini
  • Measurements (LxWxH): 1.52 m x 0.77 m x 1.16 m
  • Weight: 350 kg (fully fuelled)
  • Tank capacity circa 125 l
  • Diesel consumption circa 0.8 l / h (a daily running time of 4-5 hours is sufficient)
  • Power: 230V. 50 Hz, Continuous power 1.8 kW
  • Sound-proof housing, so very quiet
  • 3 operation options: manual, timer function and ‘Request’ mode.

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