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Solar Power Unit

Kooi naturally provides a solution for situations when you have no power supply or Internet connection, allowing you to continue focusing on the project at hand.

Solar Power Unit
If the UFO Medium, Mini, Light Plus or Light is the ultimate camera surveillance solution for your project, but you have no power supply, the Solar Power Unit is the perfect solution. This solar energy facility provides a 100% economical and green solution.

The Solar Power Unit has three solar panels, each of which generates up to a maximum of 200 watts of electricity. The panels can be folded and unfolded for easy transport to other locations! A cable (of any length) connects the Solar Power Unit to the relevant UFO.


  • Suitable for UFO Light, Light Plus, Mini and Medium
  • Practical measurement of 1.60 m x 0.91 m x 1.50 m (LxWxH)
  • Weight: circa 325 kg
  • 3 solar panels, each with a maximum capacity of 200 W
  • 100% environmentally-friendly and green power supply

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