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UFO Medium

The UFO Medium is the best choice for the prevention of burglary and the surveillance of large and complex construction sites if you avail of electricity points. In the event of an unexpected temporary power failure, the UFO Medium continues operating using its internal battery pack.

The UFO outdoor camera has an advanced infrared camera and surveillance system. Permanent and wireless detectors allow for easy camera supervision and prevention of burglary both inside and outside of your site fences. With the support of our alarm centre, Kooi Security provides property surveillance without the use of a physical security guard on site.

The UFO Medium comprises mobile surveillance in a robust and compact housing with a camera system that can be easily relocated. The UFO Medium’s infrared camera has an extensive zoom range that captures every single detail of number plates, faces of trespassers, etc. You are thus ensured of a rapid alarm at our communications room and an increased chance of arrest in the case of emergency, theft or vandalism because the police can be involved immediately.


The UFO, a high-end mobile camera system for temporary construction site surveillance. Available for hire from 1 week, speedy delivery and placement in consultation.

  • Free advice
  • Advanced detection system
  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Cost-saving
  • Excellent general terms and conditions
  • Green Technology; environmentally-friendly hybrid technology
  • Remote control and monitoring of emergencies in the communications room
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