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Road Plate Security

Need security for your road plates? Mobile camera surveillance is delivered on location in no time! Request a quotation now or call +31 (0)512 544 145.

Avoid unnecessary delays in your construction process with road plate security
Construction projects occur at locations that are unprotected, remote or difficult to fence in. This makes it interesting for thieves to take a look at the building materials stored on your construction site. As most construction materials are made of copper, iron or metal, it is an attractive proposition for thieves to steal them. This also applies to your road plates, which are often made of metal. And there is nothing more annoying than arriving at the construction site in the morning and discovering that the road plates are missing. In addition to the fact that this results in unnecessary costs, you then also need to find another solution for driving your machinery on unpaved ground. 

24/7 Security for your road plates
The mobile security cameras from Kooi Security ensure that your road plates are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our private alarm centre receives a notification whenever an unwanted person is present at the construction site. Unwanted persons will leave the site in 99% of all instances following appropriate actions, or the use of a voice message or loud siren. We implement follow-up actions in all other instances (included in the price).

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