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Kooi Security offers complete security solutions for almost every security issue. Whether it is the monitoring of your construction site, business park, wind farm or solar farm: our innovative mobile security cameras always offer a suitable solution at every conceivable location.

Business Park Security

Mobile security cameras for optimum protection of your business park



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Construction Site Security

Prevent theft and vandalism on your construction site with temporary security cameras.

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Fire Detection

Prevent fire and heat with an outdoor heat detection security camera

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Fuel Protection

Prevent fuel theft with mobile security cameras from Kooi Security

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Site Hut Security

Prevent damage to your site hut with temporary security cameras

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Road Plate Security

Prevent loss of your road plates with mobile security cameras, 24/7 surveillance.

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Wind Farm Security

Secure the wind turbines at your wind park with our mobile security camera

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Solar Farm Security

Prevent theft of solar panels with mobile security cameras in your solar farm

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UFO: The ultimate solution for the surveillance of any property

Monitors every location 24/7 and is equipped with the most advanced technology

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