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Solar Farm Security

Want to prevent solar panel theft? Protect your solar park with a mobile surveillance camera. Request a quotation now or call +31 (0)512 544 145.

Prevent theft and vandalism in your solar farm
Generating sustainable energy contributes enormously to making the world more sustainable. Solar farms play a very big role in this. However, a good security system is often an essential requirement when building solar parks. Solar panels, construction machines and tools are very susceptible to theft and vandalism. And there is nothing more annoying than arriving at your solar farm in the morning and discovering that solar panels have been stolen. In addition to the fact that it costs a lot of money to rebuild everything, it also causes a lot of frustration and the construction process of the solar park can be delayed. So it really is not an option.

Protect your solar farm with mobile camera surveillance
Preventative protection and ensuring that unwanted persons leave your solar park is our speciality. We protect your solar farm all day long with our mobile security cameras. Our actions ensure that 99% of unwanted visitors will leave the solar park. In the case of other, more stubborn criminals, we will initiate follow-up actions at no extra cost. Our mobile security cctv cameras are available with their own sustainable energy source to make sure it is also possible to optimally protect your solar park at a wide range of locations; whether remote or otherwise.

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