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Surveillance camera systems

Kooi Security offers innovative surveillance camera systems for almost every security issue. Whether it is the monitoring of your construction site, business park, wind farm or solar farm: our surveillance camera systems always offer a suitable solution at every conceivable location.

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UFO Mini

A compact and mobile camera system for medium-sized (construction) sites.

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UFO Light

The perfect mobile system for camera security of smaller (building) sites.

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UFO Light Plus

With a very sharp camera, suitable for monitoring smaller (building) sites and compound areas.

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UFO Medium

For large and complex (construction) sites, the best choice for burglary protection and surveillance.

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UFO Large

Camera security for remote locations where there is no source of power or data connection.

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UFO Red Fire detection

With a thermometric camera, the UFO Red monitors large batches of hotbeds and fire-sensitive (waste) products.

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Internet On Site

The mobile solution for remote areas where a stable internet connection cannot be taken for granted. Access everywhere.

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Solar Power Unit

An economical, 100% green and environmentally friendly solution for the required power supply at every conceivable location.


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Powerful power supply and energy based on diesel and in a soundproof housing. Suitable for every conceivable location.


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