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Your partner in temporary surveillance cameras for every property

Every year, theft and vandalism, burglary, trespassers and other emergencies cause millions of euros of damage in the construction, industry and energy sectors. In addition to damage to property, the progress of a project or production process is also temporarily interrupted, resulting in unnecessary loss of time and money.

As a result of our long-term experience, our advanced mobile camera surveillance systems with 24/7 live view and the support by our PAC certified communications room, Kooi Security is guaranteed to provide you with the quality and service you may expect from a European market leader.

When it is about the (temporary) surveillance of your wind turbine site, solar park, industrial estate or construction site: the mobile Unit For Observation (UFO) surveillance systems, which is available in various models, always provides the proper solution. In addition, we provide supporting products, such as energy supply, Internet connections and services focused on your specific requirements. This ensures that Kooi Security is the ultimate partner in (temporary) surveillance camera systems.


Construction Site Security

Prevent theft and vandalism on your construction site with temporary security cameras.

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Business Park Security

Mobile security cameras for optimum protection of your business park



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Wind Farm Security

Secure the wind turbines at your wind park with our mobile security camera

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Fire Detection

Prevent fire and heat with an outdoor heat detection security camera

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Road Plate Security

Prevent loss of your road plates with mobile security cameras, 24/7 surveillance.

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Fuel Protection

Prevent fuel theft with mobile security cameras from Kooi Security

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Site Hut Security

Prevent damage to your site hut with temporary security cameras

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Solar Farm Security

Prevent theft of solar panels with mobile security cameras in your solar farm

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UFO: The ultimate solution for the surveillance of any property

Monitors every location 24/7 and is equipped with the most advanced technology

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