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Wind Farm Security

Want to protect your wind turbines? Mobile security camera delivered on your wind farm in no time. Request a quotation now or call +31 (0)512 544 145.

Optimal security for your wind turbines
The construction of sustainable wind farms is on the rise. The construction of wind turbines often involves the use of large and valuable components. Besides construction cranes, other vulnerable items may also include stored tools, as well as the components of the wind turbines themselves. They often contain copper cables, which, given the price increases in recent times, makes it more attractive for potential thieves to take a closer look at your wind farm. The immaterial damage, such as project or production process delays, is often greater than material damage. So, it’s time for optimum protection and security of your wind turbines.

Mobile camera surveillance for wind farms
Preventing project delays is a good reason to properly secure your wind farm. Our mobile security cameras, which can be set up temporarily as well as permanently, offer a solution against this type of unwanted person/situation. In addition, we also supply auxiliary products, such as power supply and Internet connections (Internet On Site), which means we can offer you security at any desired location. We would be happy to discuss this with you and find out whether our solutions could be a good match for the security of your wind farm! 

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Internet On Site

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